London in Monochrome

Even though this summer is all about Eastern Europe, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit London on my way to Belgrade (not least because my flights were a good few hundred dollars cheaper via Heathrow). My first visits to London back in 2011 were all about the plethora of tourist sites the city has to offer, and while I fell in love with it all back then, I was looking forward to seeing a different side of London this time around. It helped that in the space of two years I’ve had no less than five friends move to the city, all of whom were more than willing to show me London as the locals do. We spent our days perusing second-hand markets, drinking coffee in East End record stores and watching the sunset from Primrose Hill. Even though the weather was glorious the entire week I was there (no small feat in itself), London really lends itself to black and white photography and with my new camera in hand I attempted to make the most of it (click on the pictures to enlarge).


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