A Postcard From: The Croatian Islands

To my eighth grade sailing teacher…

This has been the view from my bedroom for the past few days. I’ve been sailing on the high seas around the Croatian islands, and when I say ‘high seas’ I mean incredibly calm crystal-blue waters and by ‘sailing’ I mean getting drunk with other Australians while a crew drives us around. When I signed up for Sail Croatia I hoped I could use all of the skills you taught me while we tried not to capsize in the Mooloolabah harbour (after all, I didn’t get teased and called a boy scout for knowing all the knots in Year 9 science for nothing), but alas these boats have not seen an actual jib for many a year. Being on a package holiday has been worlds apart from the solo-independent travel I usually strive for, and even though there’s more focus on getting drunk than experiencing any form of culture, it’s been a fun week. And I even got to tie a reef knot one time.

Over and out,

Cptn. Will


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