About Face.


Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Thanks for visiting this humble blog! The name’s Will, and I’m a twenty-something manchild from Brisbane, Australia. This is the place where I tell you all about how amazing I am and make you jealous with all my amazing travel stories. But wait! It’s not all fun and games. I wish I could say I had travel in my bones; but truth be told I had an incredibly sheltered upbringing. Until the ripe old age of seventeen I’d lived in the same house I was born in; it wasn’t until after graduating university at age 20 that I first stepped outside of Australia. The first time I ever went abroad a friend handed me their battered copy of On the Road. Clichéd? Perhaps, but to be honest, the first time I tried to read the book as a naive 20-year old, I couldn’t stand it. I left it half-finished on a hostel bookshelf somewhere during my year-long trip around Western Europe (shh, don’t tell my friend). 

Since then I’ve been to three continents, partied in medieval fortresses, explored Soviet labyrinths and am now doing the English teaching thing in Istanbul. I’ve since come to appreciate what Kerouac had to say about long-term travel. Freedom and loneliness. On the road, off the road. Writing about travel has since become one of my big passions. When I’m not herding crazy Turkish children that resemble gremlins more than human beings, you’ll find me waffling on about it here, as well as my other passions including (but not limited to) media, politics and music. I’m fascinated by the miniature of travel – the small moments that make or break your experience of a country or a culture. On this humble weblog you’ll find weird and whacky stories from my travels, musings on being an expat and life on the road, guides to life in cities away from the tourist trail, bicycle diaries as well as a bunch of music-related reviews and experiences.

Kerouac also said to ‘write in recollection and amazement for yourself’ (a travel blogger quoting Kerouac? How original!). This blog is just as much for me as it is for you; my friends, family, random twitter followers, creepy internet stalkers. At times it will be horribly self-indulgent. But I also hope it will be funny, moving and possibly even a little inspiring. So sit back, pour yourself some çay and start exploring.


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