Spring Lomo Adventures

Spring in Istanbul is a wonderful thing.


It’s brunches in Çengelköy under the shade of the centuries-old pine tree, eating ice creams with our legs dangling into the water, giggling when the waves lap at our feet.


It’s the tulips that pop up in every corner of the city; alongside the highways making the commute to work that little bit brighter; in Emirgan, Gulhane and Gezi Park (on the rare occasion when it’s not closed off by police).


It’s picnics by the seaside in Moda, along the Golden Horn in Balat, drinking terrible Nescafe in Beşiktaş because it’s the only thing we can find containing caffeine for miles.



It’s the sunsets that set the sky ablaze, the light dyeing the city a vivid gold, the recently rediscovered heat of the day still lingering in the air.


It’s exploring Istanbul’s markets and bazaars and being constantly surprised by what you find in them.


It’s escaping the city at every possibility, tenderly braving the water that still has a few weeks of catching up to the warmer weather to do.


It’s spending every possible moment by the Bosphorus, the lifeblood of this city that is irresistible even on the most miserable of days. It’s realising that there is no better place to be than Istanbul in spring.






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